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TYPE + TEXT Typographic poster exhibition


03 June Saturday

Free access

Showcasing a selection of works by Polish, Chinese, Taiwanese and Indonesian designers, the exhibition opened at the Guilin Huaqiao Art Museum in China in October 2016.

TYPE + TEXT at the Centre for the Meeting of Cultures marks the Polish premiere of the exhibition.

All the posters on display reflect a diversity of approaches to conceptualising and building typographic compositions. The letter is the protagonist and the common denominator of all the works. Some designers treat it as an experimental form, privileging sensation over the functional aspect; to others, the attribute of rationality seems to be of primary importance. Numerous works are typified by their abstract character – looking at them, it is difficult to trace any particular font or typeface.

Participants in the TYPE + TEXT exhibition include both invited artists as well as students and up-and-coming designers, whose posters have been hand-picked by the Chinese-Polish curatorial team.

Apart from being a showcase of the most intriguing achievements of international designers specialising in typography, the exhibition constitutes also an attempt to juxtapose the methods, approaches, practices and ways of thinking about design and lettering typical of two different cultures.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue.


Agnieszka Ziemiszewska, Sebastian Smit, Li Xu, Jiang Yingui.



Centre for the Meeting of Cultures in Lublin

Maria Curie Sklodowska University in Lublin

Municipality of Lublin

Grand opening:

2 June 2017 

Open till 31 July 2017.

Ticket price

Free access