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21 November Wednesday
Opera Hall
  • 60 zł Category 2
  • 80 zł Category 1
  • 100 zł Premium

Aga Zaryan "High & Low" tour promoting the new album.

We would like to invite you to an exceptional concert of Aga Zaryan, which will be a part of the tour promoting the Artist's new album. Music for the new album was composed to English lyrics written by the singer, what made the compositions more personal. ‘High & Low’ features Zaryan sharing her own emotions and reflections on the surrounding reality. She was accompanied by some outstanding jazzmen: David Dorużka, Dariusz Oleszkiewicz, Michał Tokaj and Marcin Wasilewski. Several songs were also composed by Aga herself. The new repertoire will also include interpretations of works by Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder. The musicians who were invited to participate in the album and concerts have truly created a brand-new sound of the band.

Aga Zaryan’s concerts are a delicious feast for the senses – not only for the jazz fans.

Her work is the quintessence of the best in the history of jazz, and at the same time a continuation of the tradition of legendary achievements of jazz singers. The artist owes her worldwide recognition to her unique style with characteristic lightness of phrasing and a warm, matte tone of voice.

Aga Zaryan is a laureate of the most important awards in the music world, for years recognized as the best jazz singer in Poland (Jazz Top survey - Jazz Forum magazine). Her albums sell out in record editions, proving that her personal ambition and sublime style allowed her to reach a worldwide audience. The artist perfectly manages to win the hearts of the audience giving successful concerts all over the world.

Aga Zaryan is also an active social activist, e.g. Ambassador of Polish Humanitarian Action and an ally of the Campaign Against Homophobia. For her activity she was awarded the Star of Charity Award in 2017 (Gwiazda Dobroczynności).


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Ticket price

  • 60 zł Category 2
  • 80 zł Category 1
  • 100 zł Premium


Opera Hall

The heart of the institution is a proffesional opera hall for the audience of amost 1000 people.